Sunday, 9 January 2011

ASM Alloy DBR progressing towards paint.

One of the benefits of our alloy body is that you can remove the entire front end just like the original cars. This was designed to aid access for speedy pit repairs during races but also makes building our cars much easier.

One example of a job made much easier is the construction of the exhaust system. As different engine and gearbox configurations dictate slightly altered engine positions each car has it's manifolds custom built in situ. On a GRP bodied car the parts are built up slowly through the bonnet and wing apertures. With the alloy body access is straight forward as you can see below.

It also means the tricky job of ensuring the whole thing will thread back into the hole once finished is more easily accomplished.

Another area where access is obviously much improved is the nose area. Here the front end cooling package is trial assembled.

The freshly rebuilt Jaguar XK 4.2l arrived from VSE just before Christmas. Shown here straight from it's crate having been test run and certified. The delivery of this engine was delayed slightly due to the prolonged cold spell freezing the cooling tank at VSE. A similar problem has befallen the supplier of the Aston engine for Alloy car number 2. This has delayed chassis construction but the alloy body panels are well underway.

ASM is fast approaching the annual winter shutdown. We will still be able to reply to email enquiries but from 17th Jan the workshop will be closed for a period of four weeks.

During this time the alloy build will away at the paint shop being prepped and sprayed ready for final fit in February.

Shown below are the first fit wind deflectors. Only a couple more details to finish before the mule engine is removed and the car is delivered to the paint shop next week.

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