Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Update to much neglected Blog!

At the time of the last post back in 2015 the author was experiencing difficulties with mixed platform IT and broadband. With many demands made upon limited time the blog fell by the wayside.

However, having returned from this years Goodwood Revival I resolved to try and update the blog with some of the developments that we have made over the intervening time.

So there now follows a series of updates (hopefully).


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Hotel De France.

Le Mans Classic 2014.

Anyone who has followed the history of the Aston Martin DBR cars or indeed the GT40 story will know that team manager John Wyer ran teams based at the Hotel de France in La Chartre sur La Loire.

The hotel is situated in the market square of the typical French town and the Le Mans teams used to work on the cars in the alley way alongside the hotel which contained a garage at the rear.

There are numerous iconic pictures taken of cars being prepared ready for the endurance race.

ASM visited the Hotel during the Le Mans Classic 2014 and were treated to a great welcome by the hotel owner, Martin Overington, and the rest of the Staff.

Martin kindly offered to moved his Blower Bentley from the front of the hotel to allow three ASM cars to line up and recreate the factory team pictures.
He then suggested that is would be nice to clear the alleyway and take some more pictures of the cars.

Such a fantastic welcome and great experience in what is an iconic part of the DBR story. Made all the more enjoyable due to the uncontrived nature of the whole coming together. 
Two ASM owners plus myself in the company Demo car happened to arrive on the same day and it was suggested that we meet at the Hotel prior to the Le Mans Classic event.
This was with Father and Son 'Team Lockett.' driving up from near Nice through the Alpes Maritime plus the Brothers Calvert coming down from Calais.
I had travelled overnight from Newhaven - Dieppe and arrived around Eight O Clock in the morning at Camping Bleu to pitch the tent after a non stop blast through as many non motorway roads as I could manage. 
As there were no staff at the campsite when I arrived I felt it was only right to spend half an hour zooming up and down the public bits of the track which were still open at that point. A very evocative experience with plenty of open stretches of tarmac to enjoy. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

AMOC Area 14 Summer Drive

ASM participated in the Area 14 AMOC Summer Drive.

Seven cars lines up at the Thornham Four Horseshoes for a Le Mans style start with two ASM DBR's included in the mix.
The day's route was very well planned and took in some great East Anglian roads on the way to visiting RAF Bentwaters Cold War Museum and onward to lunch at the Froize Inn, Chilesford.
Thanks to Brian and Julia for organising a great day.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Prescott Speed Hill Climb

Once again ASM supported the Prescott Speed Hill Climb event run by the local Rotary Club.
This is a great event that manages to raise a large sum of money for charity every year.

The event is on course to raise around £20000 this year which is an excellent result. Our thanks go to all those who give their time to make the day so much fun.

This is a non competitive event, so there are no requirements for the usual track safety gear. In fact pretty much anyone one anything can have a run up the famous hill.

One of the oldest entries present was a Vauxhall Prince Henry through to modern equipment such as the Renault Clio seen running before us on the video above.

We were squeezed in between a gaggle of GT40's and Frontline Developments rather roarty MGB.

This year we had entered two cars and the video shows the last run of the day in EOL 898C. This is an XK 3.4 powered car running on stage two head and carbs.

Friday, 9 May 2014

ASM DBRi Le Mans

Following on from our successful Spring Open Day we have been getting on with the serious business of putting cars together.

One of the features of the Open Day was out latest Injection engine.
This unit was displayed under glass in coffee table style and attracted much interest.

Now though, the engine is resting in the rolling chasssis that was also displayed.

The unit was fired up today and settled into a smooth idle straight away.
a quick set up of the throttle position sender and we are pretty much set.


It just remains to progress the rest of the car through to VOSA IVA test.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

ASM Spring Open Day 2014.

The weather was kind to us once again and the day remained dry.

Our yard had been cleared and swept ready for the arrival of some exotic machinery.
The ASM Demonstrator car (rear) hosted several trips around our country lanes.
EOL 898C in the foreground attracted plenty of interest. This car has been constructed alongside our customer builds and is available to purchase and enjoy for this season from stock.
Please contact us if you wish to view / trial but be quick though..

We had three customers visiting with their cars this year.

Rolling chassis with it's GRP body in the background.

the ASM 3D timber buck produced in conjunction with 3D Engineers.
was displayed behind an ASM chassis that is ready to commission for alloy work.

All pictures here have been taken by visitors to our annual Open Day.

The yard held upwards of fifty cars at one point.

an impressive gaggle of Astons made the journey to visit the works.

Including this rather lovely DB6.

'YPC' is ASM Alloy build number four and lives nearby to the works address.

An unusual sight in any event, this McLaren was a little more unusual to be seen in a farmyard.
He turned up just in time to blag nearly the last clean concrete parking space.

Thanks as always to those who help to make the day run so smoothly. We passed around the charity bucket for East Anglian Children's Hospice and are very happy to report a sum of £270 was raised. Thank you for your generosity. The hospice is in the process of fund raising for a new build care unit.

Friday, 21 March 2014

A testing Christmas for ASM.

Whilst some people wind down for the Christmas holidays at this time of year we at ASM crack on with the important work of getting cars built.
Our latest car is seen here just ready for the journey to Norwich VOSA testing station for it's Individual Vehicle Assessment (IVA) test.

Starting up the Jaguar XK engine.

The first journey out into the yard.

Off the ramp -

- and into the yard.
A little muddy underfoot but nothing a quick rinse won't sort out.
Especially as the car is pre-paint at this stage.

Tested successfully and delivered to the paint shop ready for the Spring.