Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A DBR1 Is Born.

We thought that a series of progress pictures of a build would be of interest.
I have been posting some of these on Twitter as well. @ASMotorsportLtd.

The first stage is of course making the chassis. Here you see the chassis all set and welded ready to go to Blast Power Services for cleaning and preparation prior to powder coating.

Breckland Finishing Ltd then apply a product called KeyPhos which as a marine grade primer coat before they then apply the finishing coat to achieve the lovely finish shown here.

Next is panelling out the interior areas. Here the floors are in.

Now the foot boxes and forward bulkhead.

Completed forward bulkhead showing access panel and front suspension setup.

Foot box and wiring loom.

Wiring loom, transmission tunnel and boot panels.

Front suspension completed with steering and brakes.

Rear De Dion fitted complete with hubs and brakes.

The Triple Weber set for this 3.8 Jaguar XK engine.

Carburettors fitted to the engine ready now for the gearbox.

Freshly painted Cam Covers.

A bit more wiring and panels whilst we await some gearbox parts to allow the engine and 'box to be fitted.

Engine and gearbox now fitted.

Engine side view.

Transmission and propshaft.

Body on and primary exhaust pipes.

The customer's car in the background is about to be delivered for a photo / signing session with Sir Stirling Moss in London.

Headlights now fitted.

First fit of door hinge frame and skin.

The boot frame and skin. 
This is a steel frame that is primed before VHB tape is applied to the surface about to be sandwiched. This locates the skin and also separates the two materials to guard against electrolytic corrosion.

Now fitted.

We now have the seat pans just visible here ready for the customer to visit next week for a fitting. Also completed for the fitting session is the dashboard, steering column and transmission tunnel.
You can also see both driver and passenger doors are now fitted.

Inner wheel arches are now fully fitted.

A black guide coat applied.

Shown here at our April Open Day.

Freshly wheeled bonnet skin being trial fitted ready for louvre punching and fitment to the frame.

We have now delivered the car into the paint shop, so no new posts for a while.

Back from paint and nearing complete assembly.

Road testing begins.

More to follow..

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