Monday, 27 August 2012

ASM DBR at Goodwood House Open Day 2012

One of our customers had their ASM DBR selected to be displayed outside Goodwood House at this years Goodwood Road Racing Club Summer Open Day.

Goodwood House.
The event is held on the front drive of Goodwood House where the selected cars are displayed along with a plaque detailing the vehicles history. GRRC members were able to vote for their favourite car on the day which must have been a difficult decision with such an eclectic selection on show.

Picnic at the ready.

I was kindly invited along to enjoy the day. We had a rather fine lunch inside the Goodwood House and enjoyed wandering around the beautiful interior of the house as well as admiring the variety of cars displayed outside on the drive.

The ASM DBR nestles between new and old.

I had decided that the invitation  was a good opportunity to give our new demo car a long run. After meeting for breakfast we convoyed to Goodwood House through the South Downs encountering very little traffic on a beautiful morning.

A most enjoyable day.

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