Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A S Motorsport Open Day 2012

The annual A S Motorsport Open Day is always eagerly awaited.

We want to see cars in various stages of build.  We want to see details of the manufacturing process.  We want to admire the flowing lines of hand formed aluminium body work and the beauty of a double overhead cam six cylinder engine.  If this doesn’t satisfy you, there’s always the barbeque and non-stop tea and coffee.  Those that attended certainly weren’t disappointed.
The only thing that couldn’t be guaranteed this year was the weather.  Nevertheless, it was clear to see the subtle improvements and evolving changes to the chassis design, bodywork and interior appointments.

This is clearly a bespoke, handmade car.  Those available for view at the open day demonstrated the great attention to detail that make this very much a ‘special’ car.


The photographs highlight the design and construction.  
A fully aluminium bodied car had just had its bodywork completed and fitted to the chassis.  
Further on, a part aluminium, part GRP bodied car had been primer painted and was in the early stages of the installation of mechanical parts.  Indeed, the engine was started so that we could enjoy the rasp of the sports exhaust system.

In other parts of the workshop, two chassis had recently been completed and were now awaiting power coating.
And tucked away towards the rear was a beautiful fully aluminium bodied car with a very special ‘twin plug’ cylinder head Aston Martin DOHC 6 cylinder engine.
The vehicles on display really do showcase the stunning work that A S Motorsport carry out and are a fitting tribute to the original car that they emulate.

Steve Brown

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