Monday, 23 August 2010

Club Sport DBR goes home to France

Our last build went on it's way home to France recently.
We would usually recommend a careful period of running in and checking of components during the first few hundred miles.
However, the customer for our last build wished to drive the car to his French Home... near Nice. A journey of nearly one thousand miles.

We are happy to report that both car and driver arrived at the French Riviera without problems. Except the lengthy series of questions and admirers at every fuel and rest stop.
The car in question featured a 4.2l Jaguar XK tuned to 'club sport' specification.
As the car was due to embark on an epic first journey we arranged a rolling road session to setup and run in the new engine.
The figures seen on the rollers were 252bhp and a massive 400ft/lbs of torque.
Both of these figures were seen to rise as the engine bedded in.
The car is likely to make the return journey back to the UK to appear on our stand at the Goodwood Revival.

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