Tuesday, 6 April 2010

ASM launch the aluminium bodied version of their Aston Martin DBR2 replica

After months of hard work and in depth research including obtaining original design information on the iconic Aston Martin DBR2 from the Aston Martin Heritage Trust, Andrew Soar the owner of AS Motorsports is proud to announce the launch of his aluminium bodied Aston Martin DBR2 replica.

Key changes to the original ASM vehicle - that still remains in production - are:

  • Fully hand-built aluminium body as opposed to fibreglass or carbonfibre.
  • Rear of vehicle redesigned with a larger boot that follows the design of the original vehicle.
  • Front light area and nose of vehicle subtly restyled to a more accurate and aesthetically pleasing shape.
  • Body designed by computer using original plans and contemporary pictures to ensure that it remains as close in shape to the original car as possible.
  • Produced by craftsmen who have previously worked for Aston Martin and who have worked on original DBR1 and DBR2 cars.
  • Only replica in the World to offer a left hand drive - LHD - option.
Pictures below show the process of creating this new model. Should you require any further information on this unique and rare motor vehicle, please contact Andrew Soar on 01379 688356 or 07909 531816. Alternatively, please contact Andrew on info@asmotorsport.co.uk.

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